Like it or not, brands are part of our world. Their actions are informed by changes in tech and culture – just like our actions are. We have many curious minds within Colle McVoy. Minds that are driven to find those tech and cultural changes, break them apart and determine exactly how they affect communications and brand actions.

We lovingly call these curious minds “nerds.” Nerds can be found in every department and discipline within Colle McVoy: they’re developers, creatives and public relations specialists. They’re finance experts and art directors. Colle McVoy is filled with nerds, and that’s something we love about our agency. Regardless of department or discipline, however, being a nerd can be a curse.

We’re curious and forward-thinking, but sometimes we’re enthusiastically committed to finding answers to tough questions. We often find ourselves going down a rabbit hole of questions, considerations and possible solutions. We often refer to falling into this deep hole of curiosity as being “nerd sniped.”

We think being nerd sniped is important. It allows us to broaden our intellectual horizons and consider our effect on culture as communicators. This podcast allows us the time and space to be nerd sniped. It’s a podcast dedicated to chasing down the curious questions and challenges that brands face today.