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Nerd Sniped Live Pt. 2: The Lightning Round

In part 2 of our first live episode, the team answers questions from the audience and digs deeper into automation, esports and the future of retail.

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Nerd Sniped Live: Snipe the Nerd

The Nerd Sniped team gathers experts in three topics that have us stumped: artificial intelligence, esports and retail. In our first live event, we discuss the future of these industries and predict how they may affect brands in the (not so distant) future.

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Reality Bites: Debating the pros and cons of extended reality

Will extended reality (or XR, i.e., augmented reality and virtual reality)—be a boom or a bust for brands? The team takes sides to debate if XR will be a killer app for brands or just a killer for humanity as we know it.

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Crossing the Turing Threshold

The team explores the boundaries of the Turing test. When does artificial intelligence cross the line from convenient to creepy? And where could it go from here?

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The team discusses Cloudflare, its new public DNS resolver and how the internet really works.

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Bridge of Trust

The team explores the bridge of trust built between brands and consumers, brands’ responsibilities in keeping them strong and what happens when that trust is compromised.

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