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Sound isn’t new for brands. We’ve been listening to product jingles for decades. However, with the advent of more audio-based technology, brands are starting to move from simple jingles to complex sounds…maybe even soundscapes. Hear why sound matters for brands and how it might change in the future.

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Brand Safety in the Age of Automation

We used to be able to control where and how our ads were seen. Now, with a little audience targeting, outlet and placement choices can be automated. In this episode, the Nerd Sniped team asks: What happens when your ad shows up next to unsavory content? And what can you do to control it?

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Our AI Overlords

It’s always good to have a healthy dose of cynicism. In this episode, we sink into our cynical side and dive into the potential future of artificial intelligence and data-gathering capabilities. See how we still came out on the bright side and what that means for the future of brands.

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YouTube: A Hydra of Content Regulation

No doubt you’ve seen YouTube pop up in the news this year with regard to messaging and censorship. Today, we’re talking about branded content, influencers and content regulation. It’s a channel that’s turned into a monster with many heads…how can brands decide what to tackle first?

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Nerd Sniped Live Pt. 2: The Lightning Round

In part 2 of our first live episode, the team answers questions from the audience and digs deeper into automation, esports and the future of retail.

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Nerd Sniped Live: Snipe the Nerd

The Nerd Sniped team gathers experts in three topics that have us stumped: artificial intelligence, esports and retail. In our first live event, we discuss the future of these industries and predict how they may affect brands in the (not so distant) future.

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Reality Bites: Debating the Pros and Cons of Extended Reality

Will extended reality (or XR, i.e., augmented reality and virtual reality)—be a boom or a bust for brands? The team takes sides to debate if XR will be a killer app for brands or just a killer for humanity as we know it.

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Crossing the Turing Threshold

The team explores the boundaries of the Turing test. When does artificial intelligence cross the line from convenient to creepy? And where could it go from here?

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DNS Systems and Why They Matter

In this podcast, we explore Cloudflare and its new DNS resolver. First we tackle the biggest question you’ve never considered: What is a DNS resolver? Then we discuss how something as technical as a DNS resolver has helped its creator build trust and what lessons we can learn from Cloudflare.

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Bridge of Trust

The team explores the bridge of trust built between brands and consumers, brands’ responsibilities in keeping them strong and what happens when that trust is compromised.

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Welcome Nerds

Meet the nerds. They’ll show you what it means to be "nerd sniped".